(OH-lee-oh SACK-uh-rum)

An easy-to-make, delicious ingredient for your bar and kitchen!

All you need:

A jar
A ball jar or mason jar—something with a good lid
Lemons or oranges
Grapefruit and persian limes can also work
Demerara sugar or regular white crystals

All you gotta do:

1. Measure the sugar into the jar
See table below
2. Peel the fruit
See table below
3. Add the peel to the jar
4. Shake!
5. Wait
Walk away for several hours or over night—maybe give it a shake once in a while
The sugar pulls the oils out of the peel: oleo-saccharum.

So easy to turn it into shrub (for punch or cocktails)

1. Measure out the citrus juice
See the table below
2. Add it to the jar
3. Shake!
Dissolve that sugar!
Refrigerate until use—should keep well for a week

Tip: instead of citrus juice, you can add a little water—about the same volume as the sugar you used—and shake that up to produce a delicious syrup!


So, how much do you actually need? There’s actually a lot of wiggle room here and you can adjust the quantities with common sense, but here are some general guidelines:

Jar sizeCitrus peelsVol. sugarVol. juiceSpiritsWater
8 oz/250 ml23 oz/90 ml3 oz/90 ml12 oz/375 ml16 oz/500 ml
1 pint/500 ml46 oz/180 ml3 oz/180 ml25 oz/750 ml32 oz/1 l
1 quart/1 l68 oz/240 ml3 oz/240 ml32 oz/1 l40 oz/1.25 l
2 quarts/2 l816 oz/500 ml3 oz/500 ml50 oz/1.5 l64 oz/2 l

Make the most of your new tricks!

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by David Wondrich
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by David Wondrich

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